LET ONLY:                                                                

Let only service includes marketing the property, carrying out accompanied viewings, arranging for the inventory to be carried out, carrying out the relevant checks on the potential tenant including credit checks and referencing and finalising the tenancy agreement.


DEPOSIT PROTECTION:                                               

As an additional service for we can protect the deposit on behalf of landlords for peace of mind.



RENT COLLECTION:                                      

As an additional service we can also offer a monthly rental collection, pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrears.

6% + VAT


FULL MANAGEMENT SERVICE:                                                 

Full management includes all of the above, as well as getting quotes for repairs and arranging for repairs within the property, carrying 2 routine inspections per annum and notify the landlord of the outcome, advising all relevant utility providers of changes and hold the keys throughout the tenancy term.

7% + VAT

INVENTORY FEE:                                                       

The inventory fee will include the unprotecting of the deposit where applicable and return it to the landlord.

1 bed/Studio: £100+VAT
2 bed: £125+VAT
3 bed: £150+VAT
4 bed: £190+VAT
5 bed: £220+VAT


COURT ATTENDANCE                                                        £100.00 per day_____